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COVID-19 Outbreak

Please note that Amayeza will continue to provide our usual services during the period of lockdown.

If you are not able to reach us telephonically you can contact us via e-mail at:

vaccines@amayeza-info.co.za for questions on vaccines

Amayeza@amayeza-info.co.za for our subscribers who have medicine information enquiries

Fax to email: 086 664 6868

Alternatively, you may contact us via the Vula App available from your app store. For instructions, click here.

 The word “Amayeza” means “Medicine” in the Xhosa language.

We are an independant medicine information centre that aims to provide reliable, accurate, objective, and up-to-date information on medicine to pharmacists and other health care professionals across South Africa.

Please note that our services are subscription-based. In order for you to benefit from our up-to-date medicine information, you will need to be a subscriber of Amayeza Information Services. For more information regarding subscriptions, click here




COVID-19 Outbreak

Stay up-to-date and well-informed about the current COVID-19 outbreak with the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD).

COVID-19 Poster

Clinical management of suspected or acute COVID-19

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With the approach of the holiday season in December, it is important for travellers visiting any of the malaria areas within southern Africa or elsewhere to take appropriate precautions and maintain a high index of
suspicion for symptoms of malaria on their return.







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Data Privacy Statement

Amayeza Information Services stores any personal information to enable us to address the enquiry, or other such matters that have been raised, and to document our response. The information will be retained in a secure server and will only be used for this purpose, unless required for legal proceedings. If reporting an adverse event, the information provided will be used in order to meet regulatory requirements in relation to the safety of medicines. In accordance with applicable law, you may have a right to access and correct your information. If you would prefer that Amayeza does not store your personal data, please let us know.



Last updated: 09 March 2020

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