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Disease Notification System

A notifiable disease is any disease that is required by law to be reported to government authorities. The purpose of this is to allow the authorities to monitor the disease, and provides early warning of possible outbreaks.

South Africa has a routine notification system for reporting notifiable medical conditions. The notification of certain medical conditions in South Africa is based on the government’s Health Act, Act No. 61 of 2003, coupled with regulations on the reporting of specific diseases to the Local, Provincial and/or National Health Department.

The notification system has several objectives:

  • At the national level, it helps the National Department of Health (NDOH) to plan and implement health promotional and intervention strategies.
  • It helps the NDOH to monitor disease trends over time. In time this will permit an evaluation of the effectiveness of promotional and intervention strategies.
  • At provincial it helps to implement immediate interventions

Notification from the public sector is often lacking due to uncertainty of the channels to be followed to report notifiable diseases. The following contact details may be used for notification purposes:

Eastern Cape
Mr Eric Maimela
Epidemiology Directorate
Private Bag X28000
Tel: 040 609 3408/3913
Fax: 040 639 1440
Email: maimelae@impilo.ecape.gov.za
Mr Andile Ngcobo
Dept. of Health: Gauteng Province
Private Bag X085
Tel: 011 355 3588
Fax: 011 355 3287
Email: AndilenG@gpg.gov.za
Free State
Mr. Andries Khajoane
Free State Health Dept, Information Systems
3th floor, Bophelo House, Bloemfontein
Tel: 051 4081412
Fax: 051 408 1567
Email: khajoar@fshealth.gov.za
Ms. Mamokete Mogoswane
Limpopo Health Dept.
Tel: 015 293 6059
Fax: 015 293 6281
Email: mogoswane@dhw.norprov.gov.za
Mr. Ziauddin Ahmed
KZN Health Dept.
Information Management Directorate
Tel: 033 395 2756/2572
Fax: 033 394 1404
Email: ziauddin.ahmed@kznhealth.gov.za
Northern Cape
Mr. Gilbert Makgopa
Dept. of Health: Northern Cape Province
Private Bag X5049
Tel: 053 830 0514/0610
Fax: 053 830 0542
Email: gnmakgopa@kbhsp.ncape.gov.za
Ms Sizakele Msweli
Mpumalanga Dept of Health and Social Services
P Bag X11285
Tel: 013 766 3303
Fax: 013 766 3456
Email: SizakeleM@social.mpu.gov.za
Western Cape
Mr Eugene Reynolds
Information Management Directorate
23rd Floor, Room 7
4 Dorp street
Cape Town
Tel: 021 483 4661
Fax: 021 483 3277
Email: ereynolds@pgwc.gov.za
North West
Ms Millicent Maomela
North West Health Dept.
Information Management Directorate
Private Bag X2068
Tel: 018 387 5605/ 5802/ 5744
Fax: 018 387 5602
Email: mmaomela@nwpg.gov.za
National Health Department
Mr Macala J Khumalo
Directorate: Epidemiology and Surveillance
P/Bag X828, Pretoria 0001
Tel: (012) 312 0474/0767
Fax: 012 312 0815
E-mail: ncayj@health.gov.za or lusass@health.gov.za

The following is a list of notifiable diseases in South Africa:

List of Notifiable Medical Conditions in South Africa

ICD9 ICD10 Medical Condition
AFP AFP Acute flaccid paralysis
022 A22 Anthrax
023 A23 Brucellosis
001 A00 Cholera
090 A50 Congenital syphilis
0650 A98 Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever, Other haemorrhagic fevers of Africa
032 A36 Diphtheria
005 A02&A05 Food poisoning
HIB HIB Haemophilus influenzae type B
984 T56 Lead poisoning
040L A48 Legionellosis
030 A30 Leprosy
084 B54 Malaria
055 B05 Measles
036 A39 Meningococcal infection
0029 A01 Paratyphoid fever
020 A20 Plague
989 T57&T60 Poisoning agricultural stock remedies
045 A80 Poliomyelitis (ICD10: Acute)
071 A82 Rabies, human
390 100 Rheumatic fever
037 A35 Tetanus (ICD10: other)
7713 A33 Tetanus neonatorum
076 A71 Trachoma
010 A16.7 Tuberculosis Primary
011 A16.2 Tuberculosis Pulmonary
012 A16.9 Tuberculosis (other respiratory organs)
013 A17.0&G01 Tuberculosis of meninges
014 A18.3 Tuberculosis of intestine, peritoneum
015 A18.0 Tuberculosis of bones and joints
016 A18.1 Tuberculosis of genito-urinary system
017 A18.8 Tuberculosis of other organs
018 A18.9 Tuberculosis miliary
0020 A01 Typhoid fever (ICD10: Typhoid fever)
080 A75.0 Typhus fever (lice-borne)
081 A75.2 Typhus fever (ratflea-borne)
0701 B15.9 Viral hepatitis type A (ICD10: Acute)
0703 B16.9 Viral hepatitis type B (ICD10: Acute)
0705 B17.8 Viral hepatitis non-A non-B (ICD10: Acute)
0709 B19 Viral hepatitis unspecified
033 A37 Whooping cough
0600 A95 Yellow fever


For more information and contact details for other provinces, please visit the Department of Health website at http://www.doh.gov.za/show.php?id=2662







Last updated: 28 June 2013

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