1. Amayeza Info Services celebrates a decade of excellence! 

2. Prof L. Blumberg (National Institute of Communicable Diseases): Support for the Malaria Helpline

3. Dr. Pete Vincent (Netcare Travel clinics, Medical Editor of Modern Medicine Journal, SASTM Immediate Past President) – Support  for the Malaria Helpline:

“On behalf of Netcare Travel Clinics I would like to reinforce the vital role the Malaria Information Line plays in the day to day activity of our travel clinic sisters around the country. It is the single South African  source where one is guaranteed accurate information that is readily  available on all aspects of Malaria prophylaxis, Malaria risks and treatment aspects. This enables our Travel Clinic Sisters to offer a Top Class Service in Malaria Risk Management to their clients. This service is becoming increasing complex due to clients, no matter what their medical conditions are, having to venture into Malaria risk areas in Africa for their livelihood. The Malaria Information Line is an essential service that has been offered to all of us involved in Travel Medicine and as Medical Advisor to the Netcare Travel Clinics I would like to fully endorse this unique help we have that is a phone call  away.”

4. Editorial comment in the S Afr. Pharm J 2011 Vol 78 No 3 by Ms. Lorraine Osman (Vice President of the South African Pharmacy Council):

Amayeza Info Services

“In the January/February issue of the SAPJ, we published an article on Amayeza Info Services, and the fact that this year marks the tenth anniversary of what is, to many pharmacists, an essential service. I am totally in awe of Lee Baker and her team – it cannot be easy to run and fund an independent, privately owned medicine information centre.

I know from my days of helping at Amayeza’s predecessor, the TPS Drug Information Centre, that it is an exhilarating experience to work at a place like that. When you answer the phone, you never know who is going to be on the other side or what question will be asked. Sometimes, it’s easy – at holiday time you may answer the same question about malaria prophylaxis twenty times a day. At other times, it’s more difficult. It may be a specialist wanting to know about contraindications in a specific individual patient. Often the answer to a question is: “It depends”. And sometimes it depends on who wants to know, because you will not use the same vocabulary when you speak to a patient or his doctor.

From the SAPJ’s point of view, Amayeza is truly amazing. (I think they just spelt their name incorrectly.) We can always rely on Amayeza for up to the minute information, whether it’s about an old medicine or something that is still in the pipeline. It doesn’t matter how complicated the question, the pharmacists there can find answers to just about any question we may ask. And explain it to us in terms we will understand!

Thank you, Lee and the team. I know there are many of us who use Amayeza’s services freely. I just hope that sponsors are queuing up to offer financial support so that we can retain this invaluable resource.”

 S Afr. Pharm J 2011 Vol 78 No 3

 5. Prea Pillay, Senior Product Manager, Virology Speciality Care Unit, ROCHE Products :

“I must complement you and your team on and the quality of the service you provide to  Beryl  Deborah and myself…super efficient!!! Thank you so much. “

6. Dr. Andrew Cottrill, Chief Medical Officer for the HCF (The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia Limited) Group:

  •  “Thanks for all your support. My team have commented on the very thorough and comprehensive and well researched work we get from you. The work on Novoseven was particularly comprehensive.”
  •  “Thank you very much indeed for this exceptional piece of work. It addresses the issues perfectly and is concise and easy to read. I really appreciate the extra effort you have put in to get this done in such a short time frame. This is greatly appreciated.”

7. Sr. Libby Hartzenberg, Pharmor Pharmacy:

“Thank you so much for all your help and support over the last 5 years. It is truly appreciated and has made my life so much easier”

8. Sr. T Jevon (Registered Nurse):

” I am a frequent user of the Malaria and Vaccine Helpline, and as a professional working alone in a retail pharmacy find this help line a major help, I see many walk in patients from around the country and world with questions and queries with regards to travel and childhood vaccines,  and find it useful and helpful to consult with the help line with regards to these questions and queries. I am aware that this help line is open to all health care professionals around South Africa, and I am sure those that are frequent users of the help line find it a useful service.”

9. Era Moolman (Owner of Era’s Pharmacy in Mafikeng)

“Baie dankie vir al die hulp wat ek altyd kry! Julle is regtig sterre – doen so voort!

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